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Welcome to Woof!

Bloorcourts's neighbourhood Dog Daycare, Groomer & Shop
  • City Daycare

    Full and Half days of play, in our 2 room daycare, with access to a backyard all day. Shuttle services available.

  • Country Day Camp

    Let your pup run and hike with our pack on our 50 acre farm just 35 minutes out of Toronto. Shuttle service included.

  • Grooming

    Need your dog looking their best? We offer full service and a la carte grooming with our amazing staff.

  • Shop

    Toys, treats, bones & gear is our specialty at Woof!'s boutique shop.

At Woof! we believe that each dog should be interacted with based on their personality, not an overall mantra. All of our staff are given real, hands on training & fundamental knowledge of dog behavior to give your dog the best experience possible.

  • Positive Reinforcement

    We believe in structure at Woof! but that does not mean that positive reinforcement isn't extremely important. Each and every dog recieves praise when they complete a command, or correction (such as the famous "not your party" when jumping into a playgroup!)

  • Constructive Correction

    Setting limits in group play is important. In addition to providing positive reinforcement for all dogs, we also include corrections such as redirection and using the simple command of "no". All corrections are based on the personality of the dog so that they always understand the rules to stay safe but also still trust and feel comfortable with our staff.

  • Online Access

    Clients can book, cancel and manage their daycare and grooming needs all online. We even offer online payment options for all services.

  • Backyard in the city

    Our city daycare has a yard for bathroom breaks and playtime, to ensure your pup doesn't develop issues with indoor washroom behavior.

  • Long Term Staff

    Its nice to always recognize the faces you see when dropping off your dog. Woof! prides itself on ensuring our staff are as happy as your pups. We provide a respectful supportive working environment and fair wage; this means your dog will be able to bond and grow with our staff.

Daycare Choices

Lots of options based on your dog's needs

Both city and country daycare options available

We believe its important to match the right type of daycare for each dog. This includes the option to do either city or country daycare (or a combo of both).

  • Full Day
    City Daycare
    Monday to Friday
    12 Hours of Play
    Shuttle Services Available
  • Half Day
    City Daycare
    Monday to Friday
    7am to 1pm or 1pm to 7pm
    6 Hours of Play
    One Way Shuttle Option Avail.
  • Country Day Camp
    Monday, Wednesday & Fridays
    6 Hours of Hikes, Indoor & Outdoor Play Time
    Shuttle Included
  • Shuttle Services
    Monday to Friday
    Home Pick Up & Drop Off

Woof! has been operating in Bloorcourt for over 9 years. We will continue to offer high quality daycare and grooming services with knowledgable staff.

We run Woof! like a community, we like to get to know our dogs and their owners so that we can provide the best care possible and arm our owners with the information they need to care for their furry family member the best way possible. Whether that is going through information on common illnesses and remedies, helping determine grooming techniques and products that work best for your dog, outlining behavioral information regarding your pup, we are always ready to help in any way we can. The things we value most at Woof are:

  • Taking the time to bond with each dog
  • Open conversations with clients about their dog's experiences and behavior at all times
  • Providing an atmosphere where owners feel comfortable to come to us for assistance anytime.
  • Ensure we are constantly learning and growing our "all things dog" knowledge
  • Hands on interaction with dogs (physical affection is important)
  • Hands On Interaction

    We believe hands on affection & interaction is important. We know that this can pose a liability issue, and many daycares avoid it, we think its worth the risk because it means we are better able to bond with your dog.

  • Dogs Are Individuals Too

    Each dog will be interacted with based on their personality type. This helps us develop trust with your dog and help them get the most out of daycare.

  • Friendly & Welcoming

    Earning our clients trust is as important as earning their dogs trust.

  • Take the Time

    Our staff will always take the time to really get to know your pup and their owners needs. Its important, we get that.

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What's New

Keep up to date with the latest news
  • #1
    COVID Services Update

    All of Woof!'s services are able to operate as usual under the Toronto Lockdown Mandate as of November 23rd, 2020. We will be limiting front of house access to 2 clients at any time to maintain social distancing and safety standards. ALL CLIENTS MUST BE MASKED TO ENTER THE FACILITY

  • #2
    Country Day Camp is here!

    That's right, for all of you Woofers who had used our North of Woof! farm fields to hike over the first COVID lockdown, we have arranged to provide a Country Day Camp option to our services roster with shuttle services included. Monday, Wednesday & Fridays weekly. Check out for more info.

  • #3
    Reopening Plan (Phase II)

    Now that Woof!'s services have been deemed essential we will be getting back to business as usual. Please check your client portal for all the up to date information and annoucements about hours, services, safety measures and just how excited we all are to see your dogs again! Stay safe everyone!

Contact Us

Our postal address and contact details
  • Postal Address

    Woof! Dog Shop & Daycare
    843 Bloor Street West
    Bloor & Ossington
    Toronto, ON M6G 1M3

  • Phone & E-mail

    General: 416 531 4000
    Grooming: 416 531 4002
    Daycare: 416 531 4005
    contact [at]

  • Daycare Hours

    Monday – Friday
    7:00 am – 7:00 pm

  • Grooming Hours

    Tuesday - Friday
    10.00 am – 6.00 pm
    9.00 am – 5.00 pm
    Closed: Sunday & Monday